Graphic/Web Design

Introduction to Web Design

The Internet is everyone's go-to source of information in today's world. Businesses, public figures, publications and everything in between all have a presence on the web; and the more professional their website looks, the more successful they ten...

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Length : 8 Hours

Course content

    • Introduction to the Course
      • Download files here
    • Basics of Web Design
      • What is CSS and HTML?
      • Your First HTML File
      • Introduction to Document Layout
      • Linking In A Stylesheet
      • Styling Your First Element
    • Web Design Fundamentals
      • The Box Model
      • Introduction to Developer Tools
      • Understanding Display Types
      • Project: Create a CSS Button
      • Using CSS Selectors
      • Styling Links
      • Using Floats
      • Using Clearfix
      • Working With Images
      • Validating HTML and CSS
    • Webfonts
      • Understanding Webfonts
      • Webfonts, Google Fonts and API
    • Cascading Style Sheets
      • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
      • Vendor Prefixes
      • Project: Create a Color Changing Profile Image
    • Introduction to Grid Structures
      • Basic Website Layout
      • Choosing a Grid Framework
      • Grids and Responsive Design
    • Forms and Icons
      • Working with Forms
      • Using Font Icons
      • Understanding Sprite Sheets
    • Project: Create a Comment List
      • Project: Create a Comment List
    • Positioning and Resources
      • Positioning
      • CSS Resources
    • Final Project: Design a Real Website
      • Project Introduction
      • Adding Our Graphics
      • Building Our Site
      • Validating Our Site